Sunday, November 22, 2009

Emma's arrival at her new home!

Wow - we finally heard from Emma.  She got home in great shape and she and Sandra are really having a ball.  Here are a couple of photos of her on Sandra's horse - can you believe it?!!!!!

Here she is sitting on the horn of the saddle.....Sandra barrel races with this mare!

Here she is sitting behind Sandra, riding double!!!  The mare is a paint or pinto - whichever you prefer!

Boy, this is really exciting - maybe we can go to the track with Joanie and ride a pony there - probably not, 'cause she'd have to tell everyone what she was doing!!!  Can you imagine giving rides to a mouse and a grey, smiling bear?!

We will be back soon - hopefully we'll hear more from Emma - looks like she's staying put with Sandra!

Bye for now,
Pemmie and Henley

Friday, November 20, 2009

An E-mail from Emma

Hi everyone - well, we finally heard from Emma yesterday.  She got to Sandra and Richard's in fine condition.  She was a bit tired from all the traveling, but all-in-all, she's feeling fine. 

There are two very large dogs at her new home - they are Louisiana Catahulas - they really climb trees!!!  They want to play, but they are so big, they play a little roughly for Emma.  Sandra has decided not to let Emma play with them but they can be friends from a distance, as she's afraid they may accidentally hurt her! 

We are now awaiting a photo or two and will post them as soon as we get them.

Thanks for checking in - see you soon,

Pemmie and Henley

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Emma Woolmouse - on her way to Northern California

What an exciting day we had - Emma Woolmouse, a kissin' cousin to Henley, just stopped by to say hi on her way to Richard and Sandra's in Salinas, California.She is sooooooooooo excited to get to her new home and meet her new people.  (We told her to come back here if she didn't like it where she was going)!

Hi everyone - here I am - at Henley and Pemmie's house!!!!!

I was so glad to get out of that bag and that box for awhile, I could hardly catch me breath.  I'll be off to my new home on Monday - it is a happy time for me - I know Sandra will love me (so will Richard), but I think I'll probably hang around with Sandra, at least 'til I get my bearings up there.  I've been told they have a small farm - some horses, two dogs, and lots of room to play.  Their barn is being fixed up really nicely, so maybe I'll get to go out where the horses are when I get used to everything.

Here I am with Henley.....I think I have bigger ears - if that's possible!

and we are - the three of us - me, Pemmie and Henley.  Aren't we great together?!

That's about all I can tell you today - I'll be in touch with Henley and Pemmie from Northern California soon after my arrival and after I've settled in.

Thanks so much for the very warm welcome from both of you and of course from Joanie too!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Fun Adventure.....

WOW - did we ever have a great adventure last night!!! We went with Joanie to Ontario International Airport in Ontario, California, to pick up some horses that flew in from Kentucky.  It was soooooooooooo dark when we got to the gate - thank goodness for electric lights!  The horses came to California to race this winter at Santa Anita Race Track in Arcadia.  Here we are waiting at the gate to be escorted onto the runway where the planes come in and land! 

Waiting in the truck....


After we were escorted in, we got to watch the plane landing and rolling up to where the unloading ramp is kept. We couldn't get too close to the horses - everyone said we might scare them accicentally - of course, that was really silly, as we don't think horses are afraid of mousies or smiling bears - do you?

Pemmie standing and Henley sitting in the truck bed.....

Here we are sitting on the dash of the truck, checking out the runway.....

Here's the plane landing...

Here it is rolling to the loading and unloading ramp the horses walk down.....

I got really excited - being so close to the plane!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed our latest adventure - there are more photos that may be put in a Flickr album later. Be sure to watch for more adventures - you'll see them first right here on our blog.....
We are very pleased with ourselves for helping Joanie get these horses loaded and on their way to Santa Anita.......

Henley and Pemmie (Pemberton)


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pemmie finds some jewelry!!!!!

Henley and I were playing around the house today and we found a sack of beads and stuff - so I decided
I'd like to have something to wear, as Henley has his hat.

I think this earring looks rather fashionable, don't you? It does make me look sort of like a Beatnik, don't you think?

I do think the necklace has to go - it is a bit too much. Maybe I could make an anklet out of it - hmmmmmmmmm.......I don't think so!

We'll be back later with more stuff to show you.
Pemmie (Pemberton)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Looking for an adventure.....

Hi everyone,

Pemmie and I are going outside to find adventure - we were possibly going to the Arboretum, but we're worn out from the trip and our person is not feeling her best today, so we're looking around the house for some fun.

We found a great tree in the back yard - it is almost all trunks and branches, which make it great for climbing and just plain fooling around. Take a look - we did have fun.....

Did we tell you there is a HUGE golden-colored Greyhound called Monroe, living with us?  He is soooooooooooo cool - maybe we'll see if we can ride him later!

We'll be back with more adventures later.......
Pemmie and Henley

Monday, November 2, 2009

Arriving home.....

This is soooooooo thrilling - We both got home in fine condition. The trip was fast without much bumping around in the plane - I think it was a plane!

We are both sooooooo excited we could hardly stand still.....
We were awfully excited getting here and the poor Postman had his hands full keeping our box still enough for him to deliver us!


The box with our traveling bags.....we're still in the bags!!!!!

Getting out of our travel bags....

                                        I'm Pemberton the Grey Bear - now called Pemmie for short.....


I'm Henley Woolmouse with huge ears and a gor-gee-oso hat!!!!!

Hope to see you again very soon.....
Pemmie and Henley

Pemberton the Grey Bear

Pemberton, the grey bear hails from The Craggy Moor Store in Ohio. He is on his way home with his friend, Henley Woolmouse. They should be arriving shortly.

We are all excited about their arrival and are preparing the best we can - getting beds ready, finding them a relaxing place and planning a welcome home party - hopefully!

Take a look at the place of their origin:

Henley Woolmouse

Henley Woolmouse comes from The Craggy Moor store in Ohio. He is traveling with a friend from Craggy Moor, Pemberton, the Grey Bear. They should be arriving very shortly - they each have a blog, but they may decide to combine them into  ONE MAJOR CRITTER BLOG!!!

In preparation for their arrival, we have been very busy setting up places to sleep, relax, and a party to welcome them home! The party seems to be on hold for now...

He has a sister, Jenny, who is going to Barb's in Minnesota (we think) and we all hope to keep in
touch - with the help of our persons!

Here's The Craggy Moor Store site:
You will love - go take a look.....