Saturday, November 14, 2009

Emma Woolmouse - on her way to Northern California

What an exciting day we had - Emma Woolmouse, a kissin' cousin to Henley, just stopped by to say hi on her way to Richard and Sandra's in Salinas, California.She is sooooooooooo excited to get to her new home and meet her new people.  (We told her to come back here if she didn't like it where she was going)!

Hi everyone - here I am - at Henley and Pemmie's house!!!!!

I was so glad to get out of that bag and that box for awhile, I could hardly catch me breath.  I'll be off to my new home on Monday - it is a happy time for me - I know Sandra will love me (so will Richard), but I think I'll probably hang around with Sandra, at least 'til I get my bearings up there.  I've been told they have a small farm - some horses, two dogs, and lots of room to play.  Their barn is being fixed up really nicely, so maybe I'll get to go out where the horses are when I get used to everything.

Here I am with Henley.....I think I have bigger ears - if that's possible!

and we are - the three of us - me, Pemmie and Henley.  Aren't we great together?!

That's about all I can tell you today - I'll be in touch with Henley and Pemmie from Northern California soon after my arrival and after I've settled in.

Thanks so much for the very warm welcome from both of you and of course from Joanie too!!!

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  1. Kisses Emma!! We are so glad you made it to your first stop safe and sound :0)Have lots of fun! Wow, your ears are bigger...hee hee!